Mediclaim Policy:

A Mediclaim Plan exclusively covers expenses that arise from hospitalization of 24 hours or more. It is, simply put, a redeeming policy. A Health Insurance Policy is more comprehensive as it offers financial cover for pre-, during and post-hospitalization expenses, and an array of medical situations, as per the contract. As a financial shield, it includes cover for specific situations like a critical illness or an accident that may lead to loss of livelihood on account of disability, or loss of life.

Mediclaim Insurance Plans indemnify the insured for expenses already incurred by way of reimbursement or a 'cashless' benefit. While there are several kinds of health insurance policies, most plans like personal accident and critical illness policies offer 'benefits' or a lump-sum amount on the occurrence of an event. Mediclaim Policy can be claimed as many times as necessary within a year, limited only by the extent of cover offered by the policy.

Benefits of a Mediclaim policy:

With a lifestyle that leaves little time for fitness, and medical costs that do not match incomes, investing in an insurance policy is a necessity. The Indian market is flooded with players offering an array of insurance plans. Several companies include in their employees' pay-package a FAMILY MEDICLAIM POLICY that serves well during unexpected medical exigencies. Whether you hold a MEDICLAIM INSURANCE or are looking to invest in one, know what makes it such a popular investment.

Mediclaim in India is exempt from taxes for annual premium of up to Rs 15,000 per person. While ideally tax benefit should not be the only reason to opt for such a policy, it certainly makes the investment more lucrative.

Documents required for Life Insurance:

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photograph

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